Requirements (No TBD opponents)

SportsEngine is a third party company providing support for sports related web sites for teams. If you have an account with them you can use iScout Basketball to score the games on the site and update the statistics for the game on the site.

The ability to interact with your SportsEngine site requires and in-app annual subscription which helps defray our support costs for maintaining compatibility with their site. It also allows us to make a clear separation in the application between which games are local to the app and which games are integrated with SportsEngine without compromising design goals.

You only need internet access for downloading games from SportsEngine and uploading the results. During the game you do NOT need internet access to score the game.


It is possible with SportsEngine to have a game vs a non-league team with the opponent as TBD. We cannot import and score games configured this way.We need 2 teams listed in order to score the game. We do not need rosters for the opponent but we do need a team and will not work if the team is TBD.

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