Existing SportsEngine Customers

Our intent is to 'grandfather in' users for the 2017-18 season who purchased the app for use with SportsEngine prior to our change to in app purchase subscriptions. The app will recognize that you have been using SportsEngine and will enable access to those features without a purchase. You can however still do the in app subscription if you want to help support us.

If for some reason you are unable to access the features and had purchased the app prior to this change, please contact us at and we will send you a key to enable the use of the features. This will likely be the case if this is your first season using SportsEngine as the host or if you changed devices from previous seasons and re-installed the app.

The key we generate is device specific and non-transferable so if you have more than one device we will have to deal with each one separately.

Once we receive your request, we will verify that you are an existing SportsEngine customer and will guide you through the process of enabling the feature.

Please understand that SportsEngine is a separate company and we do not automatically create sites on SportsEngine. You must already be a customer of SportsEngine to host your games on their service. We are simple providing an app to download those games, score them in the app, and upload the results back to the site.


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