Before Starting a Game.

To ensure that you have the latest web site changes on the device you should either import the game just prior to its start time or re-sync the game prior to starting if you imported it earlier. We have no simple way to know if you made web side changes since you first imported the game. This is usually an issue only at the start of a season where rosters may still be shuffled by adding/removing players or altering jersey numbers or game times.

If you navigate the to the game list you can resync the game to update to any recent changes. (Note: prior to 2.5 version of the app it would try to do this but the results were problematic and so we changed to give the customer control over the process).

Select the games tab to see the games you have already imported.



You can only re-sync games that have not already started. So the first game above already has plays and cannot be re-synced. The second game however has not started (the in-progress indicator is from the web and was marked that way there and is not always a representation of the local data status).

Pressing the re-sync button will show a spinner for a short time while it updates game information.


If the game does not appear in this list you can use the + button to import it with the latest data.


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