Why the Change?

For current users of the app updating to the latest version (2.5) makes changes to the UI which are primarily to separate out the SportsEngine users from the rest of the app users. The UI prior to 2.5.0 commingled the SportsEngine data with the regular data on the device and created confusion for the SportsEngine customers and non-SportsEngine customers.

Additionally, the app was owned by SportsEngine (then Sport Ngin) for about a year from 2013-2014. At that time the Sport Ngin integration was added to the app. The app later reverted by to us an we inherited all the support issues for that feature. Since SportsEngine is a separate company and we do not have control over changes they make on their side, we have incurred a great deal of support hours for that support with no revenue. As a result we were faced with either dropping support or trying a revenue model to help offset the cost.

We have moved the use of SportsEngine integration out into a subscription service. The cost may change as we learn more about our ongoing expenses but we are starting very low cost ($5.00/year) to help cover this.

The much bigger issue is that we have rewritten large parts of the app to create two modes. Either you are dealing with SportsEngine data or you are working with local (iScout) data. That will be apparent by the addition of an "account" tab in the lower right corner indicating the mode you are using. For many users they will be in SportsEngine account all the time and never use the iScout account. That way all of the data they work with is related to their SportsEngine web site. Other users may use the SportsEngine account where appropriate and use the iScout account for tournament or alternate league games.

There are many other changes with regard to working with SportsEngine games and syncing with the web site so please review all the articles related to SportsEngine support.

If you have questions, complaints, or suggestions please contact us at

Mike Schroeder

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