Option 1: Record all events per team (vs player)

You can score, add fouls, and other events to the team instead of to a player. This saves you from tracking the opponent roster and makes data input much quicker. It also allows you to do reports with stats that require knowledge of the opponent events (example: Plus Minus stats).

Start with the game setup.



You should set the "Track Sub time" to off for the opponent and you can set the Default Shots Made to true. This speeds data entry  by not requiring a roster and allowing you to track only made shots which then keeps the score up to date.

With the Default shots made as trudgen's select the team from the game score page.


Then touch the court to recode the score.


Now the score is automatically a made shot and your score is up to date.

Depending on what other data you collect for the opponent, you can do many of the same statistics reports such as Plus Minus stats with this approach.



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