iTunes Data Recovery

Steps for recovery using a macintosh computer :


Connect the ipad/iphone to your computer.


In very specific cases, there is a temporary data file on the device that you may be able to recover by connecting to a Macintosh computer and using iTunes app to access the file.

1) Open iTunes (don’t sync unless you normally do so- it’s NOT required for this to work)

2) Go to the View menu and do "Show Sidebar" if not already visible.


2) Select your ipad/iphone in the list on the left (the sidebar) or from the top bar depending on you itunes version.


4) Either across the top of the window that appears or as in the above example along the side is "summary info apps music etc"


5) Select "File Sharing" if available

          NOTE: older iTunes may show "Apps" as a choice instead

           a) For those cases select Apps

           b) Scroll to the bottom of the page

           c) There is a section labeled "File Sharing" - select it there


6) From the list of choices, select iScout Basketball


7) A list of files appears on the right. Copy any files with iscoutbball in the name and send that to us. (ie. iscoutbball.bkup). To copy the file - drag it to your desktop. From there you can add it to an email.


Mike Schroeder


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