Crash on launch - data recovery

There are rare instances where Apple’s update process can cause issues. 

If you do NOT need the old data, you can delete the app and re-download - Apple will not charge you again.
NOTE: If you delete the app the data is deleted and is not recoverable.
If you have been doing Dropbox backups (a feature of the app) you could recover your data there.
If you NEED the old data and DO NOT have a backup please do the following:
1) Quit the app completely including quit from background mode (if unsure on how to do this see this link -
2) Go to the Settings App (not the basketball app).
Find the entry for iScoutBasketball settings and select that. You are presented with two choices. 
3) Select the “Data Recovery Export (set the button to on).
4) Now launch the app - it should start up in recovery mode:
5) Export the data via email to: with an explanation and contact information. Let us know you sent the data in a separate email and we will confirm receipt and let you know the next steps. (Note - if you didn’t completely quit the app, you won’t get to the above screen.)
6) This export will be the data currently in the app. We will contact you when we receive the data and advise from there.
When the app updates, one of the steps is to upgrade the database. It creates a second copy of the data during this step which is also accessible if you have a mac computer to connect to the device.
Steps for recovery using a macintosh computer :
Connect the ipad/iphone to your computer.

1) Open iTunes (don’t sync unless you normally do so- it’s NOT required for this to work)
2) Go to the View menu and do "Show Sidebar"
2) Select your ipad in the list on the left (the sidebar) or from the top bar depending on you itunes version.
4) Across the top of the window that appears is "summary info apps music etc"
5) Select apps
6) Scroll to the bottom of the page
7) There is a section labelled "File Sharing"
8) Select iScout Basketball - see this link for details -

A list of files appears on the right. Copy any files with iscoutbball in the name (ie. iscoutbball.bkup) and send that to us as with your contact information and a description of the issue.


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