Edit unassigned events

The best way to edit events and make corrections is with the event log. The reason is that the events can be adjusted without changing their order in the game which could affect some reports which rely on that bit of information. It is best to do this as soon as possible to keep the number of events from becoming unmangeable.

You can access the log from the collect data page and use the menu in the top right corner to select Event Log.


If you are correcting unassigned events you can  search for those events. Select the search icon in the right column (or scroll to the top of the list).

Select the search field. 

Select the "Unassigned" category and enter the first few letters of the event label (in this example FT if for Freethrows).


Select each found item to edit the event.

Repeat for each event - to start the search over and clear the list select cancel and repeat the search.

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