Bypass Email to get Report

Email can fail to send a report due to the size (we have seen this on some sytems with the Season Detail per Player report) some email providers won’t allow it due to the size.

Connect the ipad/iphone to your computer.

1) Open iTunes (don’t sync unless you normally do so- it’s NOT required for this to work)
2) Go to the View menu and do "Show Sidebar"
2) Select your ipad in the list on the left (the sidebar)
4) Across the top of the window that appears is "summary info apps music etc"
5) Select apps
6) Scroll to the bottom of the page
7) There is a section labelled "File Sharing"
8) Select iScout Basketball

A list of files appears on the right

9) The last report.pdf and the last chart.pdf you printed will appear there
Note1: if you redo the reports while the ipad is connected you will see them update in this window.
Note2: you only get a report.pdf for the season detail/player as the charts are embedded

10) You can drag them to your desktop
Now you can move them or print them.
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