Bypass Email to share Report

Email can fail to send a report due to the size (we have seen this on some sytems with the Season Detail per Player report) some email providers won’t allow it due to the size.

1. Go to a report and then preview the report. When present with "Email" or "Print" just hit cancel.
2. Now go to the "Files" folder/app on your device.
3.Select the Browse option in the "Files" folder.
4. Select the iScout app folder.
5. What appears is the most recent report and chart you generated in the app. Select one of them. Alternatively select the "Select" button in the upper right and you can select multiple files".
6. The press the share button in the lower left corner.
7. Now select the app to receive the file and follow any instructions.
9. We hope to add a smoother process in the app to support this but this workaround is an option until we get that changed.
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