Connecting to Sport Ngin

You need to have an account at Sport Ngin in order to benefit from their web side support. Contact them directly for that process.

Once you are a Sport Ngin customer, you can download and score your games on the app and send the stats back to their site for your web pages on their site.

To connect go to the "More.." tab and select "Load Games" in the SPORT NGIN section.


You will be presented with the Log In page (You will need an internet connect to login and download information as well as to push statistics back to the site. You DO NOT need an internet connection to score a game.)

First a reminder displays that you need a login so that non-Sport Ngin users can leave this page if selected by mistake.

Dismiss this dialog and select the menu in the upper right corner.


Select "Login" - you will be presented with the Sport Ngin Login. Use the name and password you created on their site. The user access this must have Game Scoring privileges (like admin for example).


Any password and user name issues must be resolved with Sport Ngin. We do not have access to that information.

After pressing "Sign In" you are presented with the following list of organizations (Sites)


The actual list will depend on your rights to access.

From there you can select and organization and get a list of teams.


Select the "Import" button to download the game information and rosters to your device. After Import then games will be available to score and exist in your list of games.


The Button changes from "Import" to "Score". You can use the "Score" button to jump directly to scoring the game. Select any other area on a listing will allow you to edit some parameters like Jersey colors. You can also select the "Games" tab at the bottom to go to a list of games to score.


You are now ready to use the app for your game.

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