Do I need to track time?

The time is only used in the case where you want to track subs so that you are limited to 5 players in the game at one time. Cases where you want to track subs are when you want stats involving who was on the floor at any point in time. If you only case about the base stats (shot percentage, rebounds, etc) and not advanced stats (plus/minus, lineup stats, eat) then you do not need the time. You can change this in the game settings prior to starting your game. When you get a game from Sport Ngin it assumes you want playing time and lineups so it defaults to that case.

To disable the timed subs, go to the game list you can access with the game tab at the bottom of most screens, select the blue circle icon on the right.


It will give you access to game options and you can turn off the timed subs from there.


Save your change. Now when you go to the game all players are available by scrolling the list of players next to the court. 

For more information about lineups and subs see the video on our web site at:

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