Preserve Data when replacing your app

This article covers how to replace your copy of iScout Basketball while keeping your data.

WARNING! - Deleting you're app deletes all of your data. It is gone for good if you have not already created a backup of the app data with either dropbox from the app or exporting a copy via email. Without these backups the data is gone and not recoverable.

1) Backup you data. If you have a dropbox account linked to the app you can use that method (see If not, select Export from the "More..." tab and choose an email destination that you can access from your device (ie. send it to yourself).

2) Verify the exported data. You can do this by imported the data on another device (see step 5 below for how to import the data) or by having it verified by iScout Sports (contact us via email prior to this so we know you need our assistance. We will instruct you to email the data to us (forward the email you sent to yourself is one way) at We will confirm that the data integrity is good. This is not completely necessary but we don't want you to lose your data through some unexpected data issue.

3) Now that you have a copy of the data you can delete the app. (see

4) Now make sure you are logged into the correct account you want the app to belong to (either the account used to purchase the app or your personal account if the app was VPP and you want to change that to enable in-app purchase ability). Install the new copy of the app from the App Store.

5) Launch the app. It won't have your data yet. The import is done by running the dropbox import if you used a linked dropbox account for the backup in step 1 above. Otherwise you need to go to the email app and select the email containing your exported data. See this page for completing the import process -




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