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You can add a subscription to SportsEngine through the Manage Purchases feature. NOTE: You must already have a SportsEngine account to manage games on their site and to take advantage of this feature. If you do not already have an account with them, you do NOT need this integration.

To purchase a subscription for linking to your existing SportsEngine web site, navigate to the "More..." tab and select "Manage Purchases".


Select the "Buy" button which will request your iTunes information for adding this in-app subscription.

After a successful purchase the page will update.


The tabs will add an account tab on the right if one did not already exist.


Select the account tab to control which account you are using. The iScout account is data local to the device only and will not contain any SportsEngine games and you should not attempt to add any SportsEngine games while in this account. All SportsEngine games must exists on your web site at in order to interact with them through the app.

Select the SportsEngine account to work with games on your SportsEngine web site.



You can record information for SportsEngine games when is this mode (indicated by the checkmark above the login section). You can also switch to iScout mode which allows you to create non-SportsEngine games and teams.

You will need an internet connection to login and download games. Once you have added SportsEngine games to the app you do not need to be connected to the internet to interact with the games. An internet connection is only necessary for re-syncing the game/roster, adding new games not already downloaded, and uploading data to the web site which you can do after the game if necessary.


Selecting "Login" will present an web based view controlled by SportsEngine to log in to your site. The name and password here are only for SportsEngine use and we do not use this information in any way. We also have not ability to reset your password or login information. You need to contact SportsEngine if there are login issues.

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