Import Games

The way to add games from SportsEngine to the app is to import them. Once you are logged in, select SportsEngine in the Account tab and navigate to the games page.



If this is the first import - it will import the season when you import the game. It only uses the current season as set on the SportsEngine we site.

Press the "+" button in the upper right corner to launch the import page.


Select the organization you wish to import games from.


Select the Team from the list presented.


The upcoming games will be listed - in this example there are no upcoming games so in that case selecting the "All" games will show previous games.


From the list, select a game to use by tapping the "Import" button.


If you select a game with a TBD team you will be told to told that both teams are required and it will not import the game. Select a game with both teams listed.


Once imported it will switch the "Import" to a "Score" button.

Once a game has been imported you can customize some of its settings by selecting the row (note the right facing chevron > above).


These settings are useful when a team switches jersey colors unexpectedly.

If instead you select the "Score" button, it will navigate to the game page.



From here all of the actions for a SportsEngine game for scoring and generating reports from the app are the same and any other game.



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