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The purchase of the app is tied to the account on iTunes used for the purchase. If you use that account on multiple devices you can add a copy of the app to all of those devices. However, the data is local to the device only. The data is NOT shared across a backend server between devices. That capability while desirable is beyond the scope of a small company like us and would be a much more expensive app. You cannot record a game on a second device and import just one game to another device. We do not support moving partial data across devices. 

However we do support moving all of your data from one device to another and there are help articles for how to accomplish that. It's use is intended to provide a way for you to migrate the data to a newer device. It is not intended for use to swap data around from device to device. Moving the data to a new device removes any other data for the app on the target device. Likewise we provide a backup and restore option with an account on dropbox. Again this is intended for wholesale data recovery and also removes all data currently on the target device.

We do have support for a few web sites and you can upload data to them from more than one device. For example if you have an account with SportsEngine you can upload date from different devices to their site. The data moved to SportsEngine is only the summary data. It is NOT the detail data and so is not a full copy of the data on the device. You can download game information from their site but that is only the copy of the game parameters and rosters and not a full copy of the data. It is not a database share between devices.

If you purchased the app thinking that you could have a database server in the background continuously integrating data across devices then we apologize for any misunderstanding and you can get a refund thru the iTunes Store. We would recommend an app that supports this type of backend synchronization but none exist.

The app is a great tool for managing the data on a single device which is the intent. We have no future plans to create a backend service for integration across devices as it is beyond the scope of a business of our size.

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