Missing Roster fix 2.6.0

Starting with version 2.5.0 and uncorrected until version 2.6.0 there were issues with opponent rosters loading from the SportsEngine web site and with updating opponent scores for non-owned teams. The problem is that the team id number for the opponent was not correct. There is currently no fix for games which are already scored. This fix is for games which have not yet been scored.

1) Delete the game from the device. Swipe right to left on the game to delete. NOTE: this is done from the Games tab - NOT FROM THE IMPORT GAMES LIST. If the top of the page says "Import Games" you are in the wrong place to delete and the delete will do nothing on that page.





note: If the game has more than 2 events you will have to delete the events to remove the game.

2) Re-load the game from the web site.

3) Go to the game and check the roster. Note that it may take a few minutes for the roster to load from the web so if it not immediately there, leave the roster page and return in a few minutes. The roster should appear.

4) Clean up invalid teams. If you go to the league and then team page in the app you may end up with duplicate teams. Generally you can ignore this. If you want to clean up the list you can delete any team that is not assigned in a game. Swipe right to left on the team.


If it is attached to a game it will stop you from deletion.


again this won't affect functionality at all if you just leave the team there.

5) For games which already have data but no opposing roster we do not currently have a fix and we don't see a benefit to trying to fix those cases as the game has passed if there is data and you won't have the data for the opponent players to re-enter.

6) If you have questions about any of the above please contact us a




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