New Season

When starting a new season do NOT use the same team. For example if you have records from last year's games in Boys09 then create a new season Boys10. The same is true for leagues - add a new league HS10 to replace HS09. If your old season and league are using the label you want for the new season then change the label on the old season or league before creating the new ones.

You can import the old team roster to the new team. After import delete the players no longer on the roster and proceed to add any new players. This only COPIES the player information so you do not have to re-enter it - it does NOT link to the old season.


To import use the following steps:

1) Input a new team title and select "Import"


2) Select the source team (eg. BLAIN)

3) You should see the import confirmation (ie JV/BLAIN in this case)

Make certain to press the "Save" button at this point.



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