Restore from Dropbox

We provide integration to dropbox. You will need to set up a dropbox account by going to in a browser and creating an account. Once you have login credentials you can back your data up using their service.

Go the Options list from the More... tab


Select Backup/Restore Dropbox

Select the menu in the top right corner.


Select Link option to connect your dropbox account.

Add your credentials you created on to link to your dropbox account.

You list of backups will appear. If the list is blank then you are either not in the correct account or you have not done any backups.

Select the backup to restore.

We have selected the most recent backup - now press the restore button.

Note this WILL REPLACE YOUR DATA BY OVERWRITING! Select restore to continue the process.

You will get a confirmation that the restore is complete.

You can continue using the app with the restored data.

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