Export Database

The database which has all of your records can be exported for moving to another device or for diagnostic purposes which our company may require depending on the issue you are facing. Exporting data DOES NOT AFFECT your data in your app - it remains intact (Importing does overwrite your data - see step 7).

To export your data:

1) Go to the "More..." tab


2) Select "Export"


3) The "Compressed Data" option results in a file that must be uncompressed before trying to re-import (this is as of version 2.5.3 and will be changed in a future version)

4) Select Export button and use the email address readable from the device you are moving the data to.

5) To import your database onto a device, open the email containing the data and touch the button in the email labeled "Open in iScoutBasketball".

**** WARNING - this COMPLETELY erases and overwrite the data currently on the device when you do an import ****


NOTE: we also advise completely quitting the app and re-starting it after an import.


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