Email won't send report

Email can fail for several reasons - all outside of the app's control. However we will try to provide support for debugging issues with Apple's email.

Email Was Not Set Up on the Device

This tends to be the most common cause. Email is a separate application which apple provides and app for and you need to set it up with a valid account in order to email from the device.

1) Have you emailed from this device before? (if No then set up an email account)

2) If you look at the device "Settings" and the "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars" section - do you have an account there? (if No then set up an email account)

No Wifi or Cell Connection

If you have a device with cellular service (like an iPhone) - do you have a current signal? If no then try after you do have a good signal.

If you have a wifi only device then do you have a connection? If not then try after you have a wifi connection.

Apple's Email needs a restart

Very often the issues with Apple's emails can be resolved by restarting the device.  Instructions for powering off/on device are here:

Note: We found this to be the fix in many case by following apple's advice with THEIR apps at

File Size Issues

Email can fail to send a report due to the size (we have seen this on some sytems with the Season Detail per Player report) some email providers won’t allow it due to the size. This can be some limit of attachment size which is common for school based email systems.

You can determine if this is the issue by trying to send a simple report (like season record) and if the email system allows that through then it may be a size limit issue.

Your options are:

1) Check with your email provider to see if that is the problem and if they can adjust the limit.

2) Change your email account on your device to use a less restrictive email provider.

An Email is Stuck in Your Device

Check your device for things stuck in the outbox. 

1) On your iPad go to the mail app.

2) Navigate all the way back to mailboxes screen

3) Scroll down to the "Accounts" section.

4) Select the account you send from.

5) See if there is an outbox - check the contents - delete any stuck items and try again.

Your Default Email Address is Not Working for Some Reason

The setting to change the default from email is in the "Settings" app on the device.

In that app select "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars", then select "Default Account" in the "Mail" section. Apps are not allowed direct control over this, they just use what the default account is as the "From" address. You can switch this default to another email account if you have more than one or you can add a new account and then make the switch.

This is often the case with school based email options having restrictions on attachments. In that case you may need to use a non school email account.

Set up Email

If one of the above checks leads to you needing to set up an email account, Apple provides instructions for their email app.

Apple explains how to do this at:


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