Post Game Edit

You can edit the data during the game or after the game with the event log. The event log is available from the menu in the top right corner of the collect data page.

You can filter the events by selecting the team you want to edit from the control at the bottom of the screen or you can leave it at the default value showing both teams.

You can navigate through the events by scrolling or by selecting the period number along the right side with will take you to the start of that period.


You can also search by scrolling to the top or by using the magnify icon on the right side of the screen.


 You can search by event name, unassigned events (no player assigned - just assigned to a team), and by player (which requires the jersey number).


In the below example we want to see 3 pt shots so we type "Fg" <space> "3" to find them.


We can delete events by sliding right to left on the event to remove.



If we select an event, we are presented with a UI to edit the player, value or details about the event.

Once completed - you must select the "Save" button in the upper right to save the change. 

Note: While in search mode the app does not immediately reflect the change in the list. This is a bug we will address. You can exit the search mode with the cancel button next to the search field.


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