Playing Time too low bug

This is a specific fix for a case where players time in incorrect when they do not sub at all during a period. We are working on a fix for this but in the mean time you can correct this issue (if you have contacted support and been advised to do this).

From the collect data page for the game select the Event Log in the upper right menu.

From the Event Log page, navigate to the first event in Period 2.

Now select the Edit button in the upper right corner, green plus icons should appear. Select the first green icon for the second event (the Steal at 9:51 in this example).

The Insert Event page will appear. Select the team that needs a sub (Sub Allianz in this example).

The sub screen will appear and the period will be set to 1. Change the period by selecting it.

The Time Event screen will appear.

Select Period 2. and then Save.

That will return you to the sub screen. Note that the period has been saved and the roster is still the same - save this screen with the button in the upper right.

You will return to the Event Log - note the newly added event. Repeat this for any other periods. NOTE- For multiple periods like this - always start with the oldest (Period 2 in this example) and work your way forward (Period 2, then Period 3, then Period 4).

After completing for all periods, check the report again.

Your times should now be correct. We will remove this posting at a future date when the bug is corrected.


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