Emergency Data Recovery

If you imported over the top of your data you may be able to recover it.

NOTE: If you imported multiple times then you overwrote the emergency backup with the previous import and at that point there is no recovery option.

In spite of this warning you may have overwritten your data anyway so to try to recover it do the following:

1) Go to the "More..." tab.

2) Select Export/Import

3) Shake the device - yes we are serious - it detects shakes and so does the app on this screen - it will pop up a dialog:

4) Select OK - the title will switch to repair mode

6) Select export

7) Choose export via email and send it to yourself.


8) Forward (or send) that email to - we just need to rename it and send it back and you can import it back onto your device. (The file format is the same as the database in your app but the extension is wrong - we need to change .bkup to .db via get info on the mac)




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